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A special tour focussing on Returning to, and Resettling our Land with an exciting and varied itinerary
on Monday 3rd June 2024



07:30 Depart from Jerusalem, 6 Eliezer Hagadol, Katamonim

08:20 Oz Ve'Gaon Memorial - established in memory of Gal-ed Sha'ar, Eyal Yifrach and Naftali Frenkel הי"ד

09:00 Visit to Gush Etzion Heritage Centre - Sound and Light Show

10:15 The Lone Oak Tree: centuries-old oak tree at a strategic Judean junction

11:15 3D Painting on Glass Gallery - hear and see how these unique works are created

12:00 Lunch.  Coffee and other drinks and pastries available at the "Cafe".  Browse through the adjacent artists shops

13:00 Depart to Farm Arugot, in East Gush Etzion where the magical Judean mountains meet the desert, and be hosted by co-founder of the Farm, Jeremy Gimpel, a leading media personality, Rabbi, and IDF Sgt. Major.  In eight years, the Farm was developed from bare land to now boast vineyards, orchards, sheep, and an ecological pool which is the largest of its kind in Israel.  Each visit to the Farm thrills with the work of passionate pioneers,who not only act as defenders of Jerusalem but are essential to a strong independent Jewish nation.

15:40 Depart for The Sela Winery, a recently-started winery using a natural cave environment and hand picked grapes.

17:00 Leave for Jerusalem

18:00 - 18:30 Arrive at Eliezer Hagadol



We reserve the right to amend and alter  the itinerary

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