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Certified Tour Guide, Ministry of Tourism, Israel Nature & National Parks Authority


Guide to thousands of people each year, groups ranging from 1 to 100 people of all ages. This includes providing guiding experiences for Israeli Youth Groups, Study Abroad Programs, Ulpan Groups, American Teen Summer Programs.  Yishay has worked with JNF groups and missions for over 20 years.


Many Years experience with:


  • Private tours, JNF missions, JNF VIPs, Synagogue missions, etc.

  • Birthright Israel

  • American & British Youth Programs


A compelling storytelling method is employed to convey a dramatic and accurate sense of both ancient and modern Israel, as well as the Jewish connection to the land of Israel. Geology, geography, archeology, Bible study, zoology, military history, botany and other topics are interspersed or highlighted throughout the tour, depending on the particular interest of the group members.




Chicago Shaliach (emissary), Jewish Agency for Israel (



  • Trained counselors in experiential education techniques & Israel advocacy.


  • Developed educational and outreach programs to teach teens how to create their own Israel advocacy programming.


  • Provided community outreach to Families, Synagogues and Federation groups, regarding questions concerning making Aliyah, Summer Youth programs in Israel, and general questions about Zionism and Israel advocacy.




Tour Guide, Kibbutz Yavne

  • Provided guided tours for students on the kibbutz schools, kibbutz members, youth groups from abroad visiting the kibbutz, Uplan groups and study-abroad students.



Poultry Farm Supervisor, Kibbutz Yavne (


  • Managed and supervised 20 people in all manner of poultry production.





National Guide School

Israel Nature & National Parks Authority, Ministry of Tourism


Twelve-Month Course covering all aspects of Nature Interpretation, Preservation, Group Guiding & Safety. Coursework included topics such as: The Geography & Geology of Israel

  • Biblical Archeology

  • History of Jerusalem

  • Holocaust Studies / Certified Guide, Yad Vashem

  • Modern Middle East History  / Military History

  • Israeli Politics, Culture & Beliefs

  • Israeli Art History

  • Flora & fauna of Israel

  • Desert Ecology

  • Israeli Culinary StudiesIn addition, 80 hours of Continuing Education is attended annually to maintain Guide Certification.


High School Diploma, Kibbutz Yavne (Hapoel Mizrachi Movement)






Unit Commander, Nahal Infantry Corps, Israel Defense Forces (

Monitored and conducted counterterrorism activities in the Jordan Valley of Israel.

P.O.B 411 Ofra, East Benjamin 90627, Israel; tel: 972-2-997-3936;

Cellular: 054-565-1005; email: Fax: 972-2-997-4660

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